“My relationship with RBC spans three different companies and 15 years. I return to the RBC team because they consistently deliver innovative solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. I plan to continue this relationship for many years to come!”
– Director of R&D, Several Medical Device & Life Sciences Firms

“We were introduced to RBC during an acquisition. They were able to help define, develop proof-of-concept, prototype, fully develop, support in-vivo testing, certify, help gain regulatory approval and produce the first 100 units for a complex therapeutic device in less than two years. All of this in the midst of negotiating legal terms for the acquisition. I look forward to working with RBC on our next product!”
– Senior Director of Market Development, Top 5 Medical Device Firm

“We began our relationship with RBC for more than eight years to design and manufacture several radio frequency ablation medical devices. They have the staff, facilities and expertise to quickly produce the products we need, and the flexibility to respond to changes. I have counted on RBC to produce in several tough situations and they always come through.”
– President, Top Cardiac-Focused Medical Device company

“I have worked with RBC on a complex electro-mechanical product and recommended them to several friends. As impressed as I am with their ability to quickly produce quality outputs, I am more impressed with how they handle unexpected situations. Anyone who knows medical device development knows there are always unexpected situations. I highly recommend anyone who is developing a new electronic product contact RBC.”
– Former VP of R&D, Company Acquired by Top 5 Medical Device Firm

“We needed a firm with expertise in energy-based products and accessories. We approached RBC and found that not only did they have the expertise, but they had pre-made subsystems to accelerate and “de-risk” the program. I have since moved to a different part of the industry, but my former company continues to work with RBC to provide development and manufacturing services as well as subsystems. You cannot beat RBC for energy-based products!”
– Hardware Engineering Manager, Top 20 Medical Device Firm

“RBC has provided us with a broad range of expertise, from electrical and software design to quality assurance and regulatory affairs. It would have been unlikely we could have hit our scheduled milestones without their help.”
– CEO, Katalyst Surgical