Advantage Platforms™

Technology Building Blocks For Faster Innovation

Advantage Platforms™

Learn how the platforms can provide you with a headstart to your product development needs

  • Building blocks to rapidly transfer your technology into formal product design

  • Project timelines & costs reduced by an average of 60%.

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The Advantage Platforms Process™


Lease our proven Advantage Platforms to validate assumptions on the bench & In-vivo

The Advantage Platforms™


RF Ablation Generator

An RF ablation generator rapidly configurable for energy delivery to multiple electrode outputs


Pulsed Field Ablation Generator

Energy ranges customizable for irreversible electroporation and reversible electroporation generator options


Microwave Ablation Generator

High-powered adjustable Microwave Ablation, tailored for therapeutic applications


Peristaltic Pump Platform

Clinically proven for irrigation cooling of energy-based technologies and drug delivery

The Advantage Technologies™


User Interface Framework

A customizable and clinically validated software framework to leverage in building your product’s user interface


Smart Chip Technology

An embedded chip that provides a safeguard against unauthorized reuse of disposable devices while also providing storage of custom therapeutic content


Remote Connectivity Solution

Our connectivity solution to bring remote wireless connectivity to your product

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