Career Growth

RBC Medical Innovations has supported the medical devices industry since 1994.

From software applications to complex hardware platforms, RBC Medical Innovations designs, develops, tests, and produces customized solutions to transform our clients’ visions into devices that are delivered to the market, on-time and on-budget.

RBC Medical Innovations offers an exciting and unique opportunity for pioneering individuals who wish to be the change they seek in the world. We are always looking for extraordinary people who are passionate about creating solutions that help save lives and improve the quality of life. We offer a work environment that is collaborative, innovative, challenging, inspiring, and rewarding. Together we can do great things.

Electrical Engineers
RBC Medical Innovations offers growth opportunities and challenges for engineers with degrees, training, and/or certification in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Professionals with experience supporting a wide range of circuits, microcontrollers, analog or digital design, and analytical problem solving are especially adapt for successful career development in the medical devices industry. The FDA Laboratory of Medical Electronics noted in their October 2011 research report that there is an ever increasing number of medical devices that require electrical engineers to analyze the mathematical and physical models that govern device operation. They also stated that advancement of this technology trend will continue to drive enhanced device capabilities, allowing diagnostic and therapeutic equipment to be tailored to a range of specialized clinical situations, home care, and portable applications.

Mechanical Engineers
Medical devices developed at RBC Medical Innovations utilize mechanisms, motion control, thermal design, enclosure design, acoustics, pneumatics, and fluid handling best practices. Individuals with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and experience with machined part and injection-molded part design, as well as CAD and Pro/E tools poses the general skill sets our projects and client’s demand. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers 2028 Vision Report cited that collaboration within mechanical engineering will facilitate development of innovations in nanotechnology and biotechnology that will be incorporated into all aspects of technology that affect lives on a daily basis.

Software Engineers
Software engineering is one of the fastest growing fields in the world today and was chosen as the Best Job of 2011 by career site Career Cast. Software is now embedded in almost all devices, mechanical devices all talk with each other, and developing products using software is faster and poses fewer risks than physical prototyping. All of the medical devices RBC Medical Innovations designs and develops utilize and leverage the power of embedded software. Professionals with degrees in Software Engineering, Computer Science, or Embedded Software and experience in gathering requirements, coding, testing, debugging, and maintenance thrive in our environment.

Project Management
Multi-disciplinary engineers driven by a natural curiosity about how things work with experience in guiding requirements gathering and client facing project management will find the challenging and creative work environment they seek at RBC Medical Innovations. The Project Manager is a key leadership position responsible for planning and managing the execution services of our electrical, mechanical, and software engineering teams.

College and Tech Work Programs
RBC Medical Innovations offers seasonal and part time work programs to assist in the development of future engineers and technicians. Students who are enrolled and on a path to graduate with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Bioengineering, or manufacturing technologies are encouraged to engage us to explore growth possibilities.

Employment Process
Changing careers is a big decision for you to make. To make sure we’re a good fit for one another, RBC Medical Innovations uses specially designed questionnaires and aptitude assessments. Although the process requires a little more time and effort, it lets both of us to determine if the career opportunity is the right match. See our Current Opportunities and let’s determine if your interests, skills, work-related values, and personality are conducive to a productive and rewarding career at RBC Medical Innovations.