Medical Device Assembly Services

Precision assembly services for any electromechanical medical device.

Manufacturing your devices with precision

Secure an industry-proven medical device assembly provider who is focused on high quality design and supporting your production needs

Why choose RBC for medical device assembly?

  • End to end design and manufacturing capabilities within a single company can simplify and expedite the entire process of concept to market
  • Minimize production risks when you trust pre-established processes for medical device production.
  • Guarantee precise results for every product assembled and tested by professional quality technicians and medical device assemblers.
  • Overcome production challenges with an experienced team working with you through every step of the process.

Take advantage of a flexible assembly process to fit any size company from start-up firms to major OEM companies.

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Benefits of Working With RBC for Your Medical Device Assembly
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Medical Device Production Assembly That’s On Time and On Budget

The costs of in-house assembly, production volume requirements and  enlisting services from  unreliable medical device assembly companies can make or break your project. 

That’s why medical device manufacturers find trusted partners who can meet their production needs and handle the entire assembly process end-to-end. 

RBC has a track record of reducing resource drain and bringing medical devices to market faster than the competition. We also understand that your medical device production volumes vary based on where you are in the product development cycle. 

Clients who have repeatedly enlisted our manufacturing services range from medical device startups to top-tier medical device companies. No medical device assembly project is too large or small for RBC. Our team of highly skilled assembly technicians and proven assembly processes guarantee Innovation with Certainty™.

Efficient Processes Get Your Products to Production Faster

Customers trust RBC for their medical device assembly because we work faster and smarter than other medical device assembly companies. 

Our Fast2Market™ production methodology ensures a finished product faster than in-house assembly. 

We do this by leveraging proprietary acceleration platforms that we’ve developed over the years. 

An RBC medical device assembly technician will provide faster device assembly and quicker realized revenue than conventional assembly methods. 

Reduce both production timelines and assembly cost by as much as 60% by working with RBC.

Medical Device Manufacturing
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Predictable Results for Precise Assembly

Electromechanical devices are high complexity products requiring precise assembly and testing. Ensuring we meet your product specifications is of the utmost importance for our medical device assembly team.

Your medical devices need to operate exactly as intended. The more reliable the assembly process, the less error you’ll encounter.

At RBC, we guarantee confidence in our production line and your finished product. 

Medical Device Assembly that is committed to the highest quality standards

Our production process has been used repeatedly to bring to market FDA-cleared and CE-marked products. With manufacturing experience of all sizes and scale, we are routinely audited and performing at the highest of standards.

We follow all major regulations, including:

  • EN ISO 13485: 2016 certification by NSAI 
  • Based on FDA 21 CFR Part 820 regulations and Current Good Manufacturing Practices

Let us handle the challenge of assembly so you can focus energy and resources on running your business.

Put your trust in our 25 years of development and manufacturing experience.

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Medical Devices Services
Flexible Assembly Operations for Small and Large Businesses

Regardless of the size of your business, RBC provides reliable medical device assembly services. 

  • Is your device still in development? 
  • Are you needing a small quantity order for pre-clinical studies or clinical trials? 
  • Is your device ready for full production? 
  • Have your commercial needs rapidly expanded?
  • Do your devices require servicing post-market?

We can provide proof of concept and functional prototypes for projects still in development. We can accommodate orders, large and small. 

We are experts in efficiency and expediency for small quantity assembly but we also have the ability to rapidly scale with growth of your commercial needs. And we’re here to support the service needs of your products post-market.

Let us handle the challenge of assembly and servicing so you can focus energy and resources on running your business.

Full Service Medical Device Production

Don’t waste time and energy working with various manufacturers. 

Partner with RBC and get end-to-end medical device production services from design and prototyping through full production.

We’ll walk you through and offer expert advice on everything from software development to customized device housing. 

Medical Devices
Medical Device Manufacturing Services
Delivering Success Through Reliable Production

Start, remain with and return to RBC for continued medical device production success. 

Trust our manufacturing and assembly experts for your medical device project needs. 

We offer much more than contract manufacturing, so see our wide range of services and contact us today!

  • Software development
  • Systems support and engineering
  • Mechanical engineering design
  • Proof of concept
  • Prototyping
  • Graphic design
  • Electrical engineering
Trust RBC with your medical device assembly needs.
Bring your medical device to market faster and more efficiently!
We’ve Helped Bring Thousands of FDA Registered Medical Devices to Market
Companies big and small trust RBC to design, develop, and assemble their medical devices.

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Ablation System

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