Medical Device
Embedded Software Development

Leverage our expertise to expand your company’s resources

RBC’s custom software design and development process is perfect for both PC based and Embedded Software.

Leverage our expertise to ensure you select the best software for the performance of your application.

Important questions include:

  • What are the Interactions between software operating systems and target hardware?

  • Should you select a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) or a General Purpose OS (GPOS) such as Android or Linux?

  • What are system’s physical limits for portability and functionality?

  • How much power will be needed to power the device?

  • How will we ensure the device controlling software works without harming the patient?

  • How will the system collect and report procedural information while ensuring patient privacy and data encryption?

  • Do you have a documented system to keep current with FDA and IEC 62304 regulations?

Rigorous IEC 62304 standards mean intense scrutiny and documentation for medical devices with embedded software

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Let RBC Medical be your Medical Device Software Development solution!

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Medical Device Embedded Software and Firmware Development.

  • RBC Medical Innovations’ embedded software engineers are experienced in all aspects of embedded software/firmware development from the simple (micro-power 8-bit designs using Assembly and ANSI C) to the complex (30+ MIPS, ARM, DSP, X86-based multiprocessor systems using off-the-shelf or custom RTOS).

  • RBC embedded software designs emphasize quality, safety, testability and maintainability, and our architectures leverage reuse wherever possible.

PC-Based Software Application Development.
  • RBC has significant experience with PC-based software development.

  • We draft proposals, manage the schedule, budget and risks; update requirements and system risk analyses, and develop requirements for implementing applications.

  • We create an automated test fixture, perform clinical data analysis, and allow for device software updates.

  • We remain current with the latest high-level languages and platforms.

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iOS Developer and MFi Developer Programs.
  • RBC Medical Innovations is licensed to develop electronic accessories and software applications for use with the iPhone®, iPad® or iPod®.

  • With over 25 years’ experience developing FDA cleared electro-mechanical medical devices using embedded software, we can deliver successful home use medical devices for distribution on the App StoreSM.

Embedding your medical device software in the proper enclosure.

Once your innovative embedded software is developed, RBC can help design a highly functional and eye catching enclosure to house the software.

Check out our portfolio page for great examples of our enclosure designs.

A Comprehensive Portfolio of Success

RBC Medical has 25+ years experience designing, developing and manufacturing a broad range of complex medical devices.

Spinal Tumor RF Ablation System

Invasive / Non Invasive Ventilator

Renal RF
Ablation System

Vascular Compression System

Balloon Pump



Diagnostic Equipment

RF Puncture Generator

Bleed Monitoring system

Bleed Monitoring System

Pulsed Field Ablation

Pulsed Field Ablation

Depending on your needs, RBC Medical Innovations can produce all or part of the design documentation required for a FDA 510(k) submission, pre-market approval, or a CE Mark technical file.