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Improve speed to market and reduce risk across all phases of research and development.

Eliminate Risk with Comprehensive Mechanical Engineering Services

RBC is your reliable source for specialized medical device mechanical engineering, design, and compliance management.

Why choose RBC for medical device engineering?

  • Increase speed to market with our Fast2MarketTM methodology which is faster than in-house development.
  • Get predictable results with a proven process that has produced several CE and FDA-compliant products.
  • Gain reliable insight from mechanical engineers who specialize in medical industry product development.
  • Receive personalized services through RBC’s flexible business model and adaptable processes.
  • Easily overcome production obstacles with more than 25 years of medical device product design experience.

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How Our Clients Benefit From Our Medical Device Engineering

How Our Process Differs From Other Medical Device Engineers

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Our Experience Reduces Research and Development Risks

Let an experienced medical device engineer provide valuable insights into your project. 

With more than 25 years of experience, our quality engineering team has taken countless products through FDA compliance. 

This helps to reduce R&D risk across every stage of electro-mechanical medical device design and development.

Our services are ideal for companies who need to design and develop specialized medical devices.

Backed by our time-tested processes for product validation and verification, we’ll help bring your ideas to market at speed. 

Flexible Service Models Guide You Through Each Development Phase

No two projects are alike. We’ll take an in-depth look at your project needs and tailor our manufacturing process to align with your requirements. 

RBC offers a flexible model of project management and quality assurance. 

Our design and development teams collaborate with our manufacturing team early in the process. 

This ensures that Design for Manufacturability and Testability is incorporated into your design when it’s time to produce at scale.

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medical device engineer

Streamline Production with Seamless In-House Manufacturing

Our process facilitates a seamless transfer at our manufacturing facility. 

With manufacturing located just minutes from our corporate office, communication is fast and efficient. 

This means we can provide rapid development support to manufacturing at any point in the product life cycle. 

With this approach, our medical device mechanical engineer team reduces downstream delays, controls project costs, and stays responsive to emerging problems.

Expertise Backed by Dependable Processes & Problem-Solving

As a leading medical device company, RBC has over 25 years of experience in medical device manufacturing, mechanical design, and electrical engineering. 

Our systems engineers bring expertise and creativity in equal measure to every project. 


Whether you need minor support or a full outsourcing partner, our development engineering experience supports your goals. 

Over 93% of our clients request repeat work with us after seeing our results. We will bring that same level of quality to work on your project.

When you need a reliable mechanical engineer for your medical device project, RBC is ready to assist you.

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Manage R&D Compliance and Risk with Confidence
Our mechanical engineers work with strict quality control to reduce risk in your project.

View Our Comprehensive Medical Device Engineering Portfolio

Partner with RBC and work with a quality engineer for medical device development. 

We’ve spent the last 25 years refining our mechanical design processes to ensure the highest medical device quality on the market.

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