Gas and Fluid Management


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In the realm of medical technology, introduction and removal of gas and fluids plays a pivotal role in many therapeutic devices. Design of these devices involves the intricate control, precise delivery, and effective removal of gasses and liquids, all working together to enhance medical treatments. We have an in-depth understanding of how these devices play a critical role in healthcare and have developed a platform that can be customized and extended to serve many clinical segments.

Still determining your system specification needs? We offer leasable GFM platform systems to validate your assumptions on the bench and in-vivo.

Infusion Therapy

Compression Devices

Vascular Diseases

Angioplasty Balloons

Heart Pumping Assist



Thrombectomy/Clot Management




fluid management capabilities

Key Features

Our Gas and Fluid Management Platform is equipped with a comprehensive suite of features right from the start.

Precise Pump Control

Manage the output flow rate and pressure of different pump types to ensure precise control over the flow of gasses and liquids.

Feedback Loop Development

Craft intricate feedback loops for precise monitoring and regulation of critical parameters.

Operational Efficiency

Monitor for user defined critical events such as pressure, flow, or temperature changes and automatically adjust pump output accordingly.

Advanced Sensing

Leverage sensing capabilities for real-time data acquisition, analysis, and therapeutic feedback

Sterile Filtering

Maintain a sterile environment with integrated filtering, guaranteeing safety and effectiveness.

Management of Multiple Tubing Lines

Coordinate output of multiple pumps and tubing lines concurrently, for design of complex systems.

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fluid management capabilities

Customize Your GFM System on Our Market-Proven Foundation

Infectious Disease



Cardiovascular Health



Pain Management

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Gas and Fluid Management System

The Gas and Fluid Management Platform is designed for adaptability, making it ideal for innovative devices.

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Our platform technology reduces development time and costs by 60%, providing a head start for innovative medical products.

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