Spinal Tumor RF Ablation System

Project: Spinal Tumor RF Ablation System

Client Need:

  • Compete successfully in the spinal vertebral ablation market
  • Market a product that upholds the identity of a top medical device manufacturer in the world

How RBC Added Value:
RBC leveraged our Advantage Platforms to significantly reduce the project timelines while developing a truly differentiated system. Our ability to reduce risk through established development building blocks allowed seamless execution from design through to manufacturing.

Project Challenges

Need a design, development, and manufacturing partner to be flexible?

Once you hear this story, you’ll look no further than RBC for a flexible business partner.

  • The predicate device was developed by Company A but was too innovative for what was then an undeveloped market.
  • The division that made the predicate device was sold to Company B but the predicate device was not included in the sale.
  • Company A needed to build a new RF generator to make use of the valuable assets. RBC won the business based on prior work.
  • 14 months later, after developing the generator, pump and accessories for Company A, the entire company was sold to much-larger Company C, which is now a valued RBC client and beneficiary of Fast2Market and Acceleration Platforms.
The differentiated RF Bone Ablation system launched in 21 months!
Products like this one typically take 3-4 years to develop and commercialize.
Manufacturing Design Transfer Done Right!

Our Design & Development team collaborates closely with our Manufacturing team early in the development process to ensure when it’s time to produce at scale, we’ve already integrated Design for Manufacturability and Testability into your product.

This seamless transfer happens at our US based manufacturing facility located in the Kansas City metropolitan area only a few minutes from our corporate office. The close proximity of our facilities ensures that development teams can provide rapid support to manufacturing at any point in the product lifecycle.

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Depending on your needs, RBC Medical Innovations can produce all or part of the design documentation required for a FDA 510(k) submission, pre-market approval, or a CE Mark technical file.