End-to-end Engineering Efforts to Support Ventilator Technological Advancements

Ventilators are a mainstay necessity in healthcare. Both invasive and non-invasive systems are available, designed to serve a broad range of patient therapy profiles and clinical uses. 

While some patients benefit from a non-invasive approach that uses a mask to push air into the patient’s lungs, other patients who are unable to breathe on their own may require an invasive system that takes over breathing by way of a tube. 

Patients who undergo surgery also require breathing support.

 With the pandemic, the need for companies who could develop and manufacture ventilators became critical. We’ve served the medical device contract design and manufacturing for over 25 years, with ventilators playing a key role in that journey. 

Whether its developing software and algorithms or perfecting mechanical and industrial design, our engineers are experienced in supporting your ventilator development needs. 

With a growing manufacturing operation serving clients across the world, we can also partner through the transition to device manufacturing and support you after launch.




General Surgery

Ventilator Case Study Portfolio

Client Need for a Next Generation Invasive and Non-Invasive Ventilator

This client was seeking a partner who could not only provide the software and algorithms for different breathing patterns, but also update the electrical workings and mechanical structure.

In addition to the base ventilator, we were also tasked with adding a cost-effective internal and autoclavable handpiece.

By adding new electronics, mechanisms and software to the predicate ventilator, RBC created a new and improved combination invasive/non-invasive ventilation product.

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